Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Mandala Pendants

Divine Art Jewelry is featuring our new mandala pendant designs. A tool for gaining wisdom and compassion, the mandala is a cosmic diagram that reminds us of our relation to the infinite. All mandala jewelry are designed by Donna Johansen and Lina Wu. Each mandala is charged with mantra music, sunlight and crystals to enhance their vibration and spiritual magnetism.

The Flower of Light

Flower of Light is exclusively handmade by Divine Art Jewelry. The Flower of Light is based on the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life. It integrates the higher dimensional aspects of one's being in order to manifest one's heart desires in the physical plane. Interwoven in this pendant are semi-precious crystals and glass beads that magnify the law of attraction and draw Light into the wearer. The adjustable length of the chain allows the energy to flow into the heart chakra or at the mid-point between the heart and the throat. Wearing the Flower of Light pendant will make you feel the integration of body, mind and spirit, as well as the integration of your various chakras to create harmony and abundance in your life.

Each Flower of Light pendant can be exclusively designed for the wearer. He or she can communicate their heart's and higher intention. Each pendant that is exclusively made will be energetically charged with the wearer's spiritual intent. For special orders email Lina at